As of Tuesday, September 7, our normal office hours will be Monday through Friday, 9am – 3pm, or by appointment.

Fee Schedule

Account Reconciliation / Research $30.00 per hour
Bad Address $5.00
Bulk Coin Deposit (if over $100) 2% of Total Deposit
Corporate or Personal Check Copy $5.00 per item
Corporate Check (payable to Self) No Fee
Corporate Check (payable to Third Party) $5.00
Domestic Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming and Outgoing) $20.00 per wire
Escheat Notification $2.00
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Closure Fee (No Fee for Beneficiary closure) $20.00
Levy Fee $30.00 per item
Non-Member Check Cashing ($1,000 limit) $20.00
Notary Service - Appointments Preferred (No Fee for CU Documents) $10.00 per Signature
Returned Deposit Item $20.00 per item
Statement Copy $2.00 per month
Verification of Deposit (Waived for HUD) $10.00
Year-end Tax Form $5.00
Closure of Membership
Within six (6) months of opening
Excess Withdrawal Fee
First six (6) withdrawals free per month
$2.00 per withdrawal
Holiday Club Early Withdrawal (prior to Disbursement on November 1) $5.00 per withdrawal
Inactive Fee Dormant $10.00 per quarter
Membership Application Fee $1.00
Money Market Excess Withdrawal Fee
First six (6) withdrawals free per month
$5.00 per withdrawal
Automatic Overdraft from Savings (Overdraft Protection) $2.00 per transfer
Checking Account No Fee
Courtesy Pay Fee $20.00 per item
First Box of Personal Standardized Checks Free
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) ACH, or Share Drafts (Checks) $20.00 per item
Reinstatement of Closed Checking $25.00
Debit Card Replacement $10.00
Debit Card Rush Replacement $50.00
Debit Card PIN Replacement $10.00
Debit Card PIN Rush Replacement $50.00
Reinstatement of Debit Card $20.00
Home Banking – CU online Free
Bill Pay Free
Bill Pay Investigation $25.00
Late Fees on Loans 10% of payment
Late Fees on Real Estate 5% of payment
Lien Satisfaction $20.00
Loan Coupon Replacement $2.00
Loan History Research & Assistance $30.00 per hour
Returned Loan Payment $20.00 per item
Written Request for Loan Payoff $20.00 per request
ACH Stop Payment $25.00 per item
Bill Pay Stop Payment $25.00 per item
Corporate Check Stop Payment $25.00 per item
Personal Check Stop Payment $25.00 per item
Visa Letter Check Stop Payment $20.00 per item
Emergency Replacement $160.00
Late Fee $20 or the amount of required minimum payment (whichever is less)
Pay by Phone Through VISA $5.00
Returned Letter Check Fee Up to $20 per item
Returned VISA payment $20 or the amount of required minimum payment (whichever is less)
VISA Credit Card Replacement $20.00
VISA Credit Card Rush Replacement $50.00
VISA Credit Card PIN Replacement $10.00
VISA Credit Card PIN Rush Replacement $50.00

Effective September 1, 2020.

Shell Western States FCU
1700 Pacheco Blvd, Martinez, CA 94553

Routing & Transit Number: 321173218